We welcome brass, woodwind and percussion players of all ages and abilities. As long as you have some ability on your instrument and can read music at least on a basic level. You will quickly learn sitting alongside others in your section who will be happy to help out with practical pointers, tricky fingering, rhythms etc.

We meet at Driffield Methodist Church, every Wednesday evening, between 7 – 9pm.

Please feel free to chat to anyone at coffee time, ask questions, make yourself known to your fellow members.  You’ll make new friends in no time!



Your music is provided free of charge by the Band.  Please look after it!  You will need a plain black A4 ring binder and plenty of plastic packets.  Please keep your music in alphabetical order at all times: it is not a good idea to put it in “concert order” as this may change for any number of reasons.

You will also need a separate folder for Christmas music (also plain black).

You will need your own music stand.  If you are buying one, choose a sturdy one (black, for preference): it is worth paying a little extra for something that will last and will not collapse in mid-concert! Remember to bring stand and music to every rehearsal and concert.

We would recommend that you attend as many rehearsals as possible as your playing will improve substantially.

New music is bought from concert fees, so it is up to you to help us to put on the best possible show.  Don’t fix up a holiday when you already know there’s a concert on, for example. If for any (really important) reason you cannot attend a concert, please let the Conductor know as soon as possible.

It is vital that you do so – it may be that your section is not covered, which will affect choice of music or, in some cases, whether or not we can play the concert at all.

  • Practice your Band music at home as well as at Band Practice.



Band uniform, worn for ALL CONCERTS (unless you are told otherwise), consists of:

  • White shirt / blouse
  • Black trousers / skirt
  • Smart, clean black shoes—no trainers, please.
  • Plain gold tie / scarf (with scarf ring provided)
  • Band jacket with badge
  • Band polo shirt for outdoor events

You will need to buy the jacket, polo and tie or scarf from the Band.  Please take care of them and try to be as smart as possible when representing the Band.

Please take care that any additional clothing does not interfere with the appearance of your uniform.  If you need extra layers for warmth, for example, make sure they are completely concealed by your outer clothing.


Membership subscription currently stands at £15 for adults and £5 per child per term up to a maximum of £30 per household. This covers the hall rental and your half-time refreshments. Please pay the band’s Treasurer as promptly as possible at the start of each term. You can pay either cash, cheque or bank transfer.