Buckrose Concert Band.

Malcolm Heywood, a headmaster, started from scratch and ran a very successful wind band at Tutbury in Staffordshire for a quarter of a century. Six years ago, having retired to East Yorkshire he decided, with the support of his wife Vik and daughter Becca, to start a new band. After a brief appearance on Look North a group of around thirty enthusiastic players were gathered to form the new ensemble. With Malcolm’s untimely death Becca took over the baton and we have grown from strength to strength, our numbers now exceed fifty.

We are a friendly community wind band with players of all ages (from ten to late seventies) and all abilities. A core of very talented musicians is supported by a number of mature members who took up their instrument late in life with others returning after a long break and several family groups. We practice at the Village Hall in Wetwang, members travel from as far afield as Scarborough, Bridlington, Hull and Gilberdyke. We warmly welcome players of all woodwind, brass or percussion; currently we are eager to find new clarinettists to replace those now at University.

We play at concerts, fêtes, weddings, charity events; indoors in Churches, Church Halls, Barns, an Orangery, and outdoors in a gazebo or the open air (clothes pegs are essential to prevent sheet music blowing away in the wind). Our first venue was in the W.I. Hall in Hutton Cranswick (the hall was small, we were packed in like sardines with children in the audience sitting cross legged at our feet) , our favourite venue is Sewerby House, the most impressive is Bridlington Spa, the most unusual Driffield Railway Station and most distant Leeds University.

I’m sure that you will enjoy listening to our music, but I can assure you that playing is even more fun. It is a way of keeping the mind active; there is so much to focus on: the key signature and accidentals (sharps and flats), time signature (number of beats in a bar), dynamics. (loud, soft, changes in tempo) and it is necessary to keep one eye on the music and the other on Becca, our conductor. She blends the mellow tone of woodwind with the bright sound of brass, while the saxophones aided by the punctuation of percussion provide the rhythm. Our vast repertoire from Beatles to West Side Story and from Les Misérables to Lord of the Rings continues to expand. Recently we acquired smart new uniforms and our next project is stand backs. In addition to concerts we hold a number of social events involving music, raffle and food such as Quiz Night and an Open Mike night where we are entertained by solos and small ensembles.

Can you toot a flute or a tuba? Do you have a clarinet in your cabinet? Then join us:

Contact Rebecca Heywood 01723-351778, find us on facebook or just turn up at Wetwang Village Hall, most Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.; many arrive early and enjoy a convivial cup of tea before we begin.